Godfather burger Genève

HolyCow’s new promotional burger is coming: THE GODFATHER

This burger will bring sunshine and Dolce Vita to Switzerland! The month of May started with pouring rain and gloomy days, a bit like a Monday morning at work, but the launch of our new burger THE GODFATHER will change that! With its homemade Pesto Aïoli, that smells of fresh basil, its melted mozzarella on 100% Swiss beef and its mix of Batavia salad and arugula salad, this burger will send you right by the Mediterranean Sea after the first bite! Be careful not to fall into the lake when you taste this burger, it is still a bit cold, we are not in Italy! This first Italian-inspired burger reflects the creativity and know-how of Richard, who founded HolyCow! Gourmet Burger in Lausanne in 2009. Rich is above all in search of the perfect balance when creating recipes, even if by definition the pesto aioli is meant to be very tasty with a strong garlic flavor. So avoid being a beginner, and enjoy this new burger with your friends over a beer, not your Tinder date. It will not go well, we can already tell you!

Come on, hurry up and find us all over Switzerland, in Lausanne, Geneva, Fribourg, Villeneuve, Sion, Zürich, Basel and Lucerne! Also follow us on social networks, via our website, and download our app to benefit from our exclusive offers on many burgers. We look forward to seeing you on our terraces, for take away or for delivery, to offer you a little sun and freshness, despite this difficult period! Ha, and we almost forgot the most important: We will soon open in Biel during the month of May! Buon Appetito!

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