HolyCow Frites

The Holy Cow! fries: The side dish that steals the show.

Did the gloomy weather in May get you down? This article will give you a boost!
Dedicated burger fans agree: fries are an essential accompaniment to enjoy a good burger. But here with us, fries are more than just a side dish; they have made our brand famous by becoming one of the undisputed stars of our delicious menus.

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Take the sting out of going back to school with our student menus

It’s time to say goodbye to the seaside deckchairs and return to the classroom benches – a complete change of scenery guaranteed! Your soporific maths teacher and his never-ending lessons, the exams… going back to school isn’t exactly inspiring! Luckily for you, our student menus are designed to cheer you up between classes.

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