FAQ - Holy Cow!
Holy Cow! is a fast casual restaurant concept, focusing on delicious fresh, nutritious burgers served in a quick, friendly environment. Our burgers are made with locally Swiss, fresh quality ingredients and cooked in front of the customers in our open kitchens.
delicious burgers, nutritious burgers, gourmet burgers
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Opening hours

We are open 7/7 continuously from 11am – 11pm.



Please visit Our Locations page for information on all of Holy Cow!’s restaurants and locations.



Currently we are not able to take any reservations. Our restaurants have ample seating and it should not be a problem to find a table, even for groups. If you are still concerned we recommend visiting the restaurant outside the peak hours of 11:30am to 1:30pm.


Allergies & special dietary requirements

In order for us to meet your expectations, please indicate at the caisse when ordering your meal what your allergies and dietary requirements are. You can also view our menu here: Our Menu



We are always looking for new members for the Holy Cow! family. Please check our Jobs section to see current vacancies and to apply online.


Media & Sponsorship

For customer feedback, student projects and sponsorship opportunities, please email info@holycow.ch



If your email is not covered by the above information, just send us an email to info@holycow.ch and we will process your request/question. We take our customer’s feedback very seriously and we will get back to you within 3 business days.