Holy Cow! is a fast casual restaurant concept, focusing on delicious fresh, nutritious burgers served in a quick, friendly environment. Our burgers are made with locally Swiss, fresh quality ingredients and cooked in front of the customers in our open kitchens.
delicious burgers, nutritious burgers, gourmet burgers
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At Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger we value our customers and we have made it our mission to create the freshest, tastiest burgers to tantalize the taste buds and delight the senses. We’re proud to say that we go to every length to ensure that we use only the best Swiss suppliers to hand pick the finest fresh food. For our newest “special”, the Winterthur-inspired “Der Präsident” burger, named after Jonas Furrer, first president of Switzerland who was born in this city, we are using the locally-made Winti sausages from the Metzgerei Gubler butchery.

Serving Customers for over 100 years and mastering sausages for over 90, Metzgerei Gubler located at Stadthausstrasse 123 is the last privately owned butcher shop in the historic center of Winterthur.

The fresh meat they use to prepare their specialty sausages is sourced from the canton of Zurich and nearby Aargau, Thurgau and St. Gallen and they control the entire production chain until it reaches our kitchens. This guarantees quality control, freshness and one of the most delicious burgers you will ever eat. “The Winti- sausage made with a combination of beef and pork meat is different from all the other ones in the market, due to our secret spice combination that gives it that signature pronounced and unique taste”, said Marcell Zeigler.

Metzgerei Gubler has participated in the butchery competition at the WHOGA Fair which takes place every year in the Eulach Hall of Winterthur, where a jury of 10 try the products of 6 to 8 butchery’s around the area. Metzgerei Gubler has won the cup for best sausage for 7 years for the quality of their products. In 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively.


“Just as Metzgerei Gubler strives to create their award-winning sausages from scratch, our chefs apply that same attention to detail in every dish, every side and every relish and sauce we create.”


At Holy Cow! we are committed to buying local and we are proud to announce this new partnership with Metzgerei Gubler. We are contributing to the success of this traditional butchery and at the same time keeping our promise of using only the best suppliers to provide our customers with the best quality food burger after burger. Dine with us today and experience the quality and taste that can only come from our kitchens.