Holy Cow! is a fast casual restaurant concept, focusing on delicious fresh, nutritious burgers served in a quick, friendly environment. Our burgers are made with locally Swiss, fresh quality ingredients and cooked in front of the customers in our open kitchens.
delicious burgers, nutritious burgers, gourmet burgers
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ZÜRICH, Monday 28 November 2016 – Zurichois can look forward to a new temple of fresh food, featuring the critically acclaimed Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Company, Burrito Brothers and Funky Chicken.

“We are extremely excited to open our first Food Court on the german side of the Röstigraben.”

Ian Young, CEO


When The Food Court @ 51opens on 1 December2016, Zurich will have a refreshing, industrial inspired space featuring the best of Holy Cow, Burrito Brothers and Funky Chicken.

Holy Cow! established itself in Zurich at “Niederdörfli” which was the first Holy Cow! Restaurant on the Swiss German side, opening its doors back in 2013. Almost 6 years later, on December 1st, they will celebrate their third opening in Zurich City. For this iconic opening, on December 1st, Holy Cow! will not be alone. The brand will bring its friends along:BurritoBrothers & Funky Chicken.

“We are extremely excited to open our first Food Court on the german side of the Röstigraben. We certainly look forward to a bright future at this new location.”says IanYoung,CEO.“HolyCow!,Burrito Brothers and Funky Chicken share the same philosophy of freshness, locally Swiss and high quality ingredients served within minutes. All our brands that are inspired through travels all around the globe will further celebrate the multi-cultural environment in the middle of the vibrant shopping scene, catering to business, local foodies, students & tourists, serving a balanced, nutritious & fresh food variety.”

Burrito Brothers, who has already tasted the Zurich air when it opened it’s doors in 2015 in District 4, immediately enjoyed great success in this hip neighbourhood .Just one year later,due to differences with the landlord, the shop was closed down. Cesar Andere, one of the two original Burrito Brothers highlights “after closing down our Restaurant in the beginning of the year,we are extremely excited to be back with our loyal customers, celebrating fresh and tasty Burritos in this vibrant city.”

Funky Chicken is new to swiss german grounds. It is a spin-off of Holy Cow!’s popular “Funky Chicken” burger; and specializes in grilled premium “Swiss Garantie” chicken dishes marinated in a blend of Brazilian and Portuguese inspired sauces.

The Interior of the Food Court reflects the multi-cultural food offerings with an urban & industrial look through the use of earthy tones of grey, splashes of antracit & khaki green. The natural looking materials reinforce the urban feel through the use of rustic woods, suspended lamps and metal stools. The open kitchens play a key role in the philosophy of the Group and allow customers to look into the kitchens at all times. Furthermore, the restaurant offers high ceilings and an abundance of natural daylight with its big window fronts.